Kelly McMullen has over 30 years’ experience in the automotive business. Starting as a salesperson, he rapidly worked his way up through F&I to new car manager of a large Toyota dealership selling over 450 new units a month.

Five years later he became a GM and partner in a large Ford/Toyota/ Nissan store in Southern California…managing over 300 employees with 3 service, sales and parts departments, a tow truck company and one of the largest body shops in Southern California.

The easy to follow systems and modern management style that Mr. McMullen developed and fine-tuned during his decades of direct retail experience has formed the foundation of his consulting practice.

Well known among his clients as offering insightful ‘I hadn’t thought of that’ perspectives, Mr. McMullen is ‘best’ know for helping dealers produce dramatic results that stick.  This has made him a highly sought-after evaluator and consultant.